YMFG 地域を超えて未来のために 山口フィナンシャルグループ

Annual Report(アニュアルレポート)


This is the Annual Report that summarizes the financial results for the full year, and business conditions.

Yamaguchi Financial Group
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YMFG Profile(PDF:498KB)
YMFG Financial Highlights(PDF:52KB)
Message from the President(PDF:69KB)
YMFG Medium-Term Management Plan 2019(PDF:49KB)
Business Model(PDF:53KB)
Performance Highlights (YMFG)(PDF:50KB)
Performance Highlights (Three Banks)(PDF:65KB)
YMFG Forecast for the Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2020(PDF:38KB)
Overseas Networks(PDF:109KB)
Corporate Governance(PDF:48KB)
Internal Audits and Compliance System(PDF:39KB)
Risk Management System(PDF:43KB)
Business and Other Risks(PDF:43KB)
YMFG Business Situation(PDF:41KB)
Consolidated Financial Statements(PDF:65KB)
Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements(PDF:186KB)
Independent Auditor's Report(PDF:87KB)
Yamaguchi Bank Financial Statements(PDF:39KB)
Momiji Bank Financial Statements(PDF:39KB)
Kitakyushu Bank Financial Statements(PDF:45KB)
Yamaguchi Financial Group
all download(一括ダウンロード)(PDF:1,643KB)
partial download(分割ダウンロード)(to the contents page)
YMFG Profile(PDF:36KB)
Message from the President(PDF:87KB)
Performance Highlights (YMFG)(PDF:50KB)
YMFG Medium-Term Management Plan 2013(PDF:688KB)
Overseas Networks(PDF:104KB)
Yamaguchi Bank Summary(PDF:55KB)
Momiji Bank Summary(PDF:43KB)
Kitakyushu Bank Summary(PDF:42KB)
Board of Directors and Corporate Auditors(PDF:43KB)
Corporate Governance(PDF:37KB)
Compliance System(PDF:38KB)
Risk Management System(PDF:43KB)
Contributions to the Community and the Environment(PDF:39KB)
YMFG Business Situation(PDF:66KB)
YMFG Consolidated Financial Statements(PDF:104KB)
YMFG Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements(PDF:252KB)
Independent Auditors' Report(PDF:83KB)
Yamaguchi Bank Financial Statements(PDF:59KB)
Momiji Bank Financial Statements(PDF:60KB)
Kitakyushu Bank Financial Statements(PDF:66KB)